The drop will be on Monday, April 4th 2022. The reveal of your PFTO will be on April 7th. Please make sure you are heading the correct website, The one and only place to mint a PFTO.
We are giving away 250 spots on our whitelist. We will pay all gas fees for those who make the whitelist. There are multiple ways to be granted access onto the whitelist. We select our 50 favorite nature and travel PFTOS from the dedicated PFTO submission channel on Discord titled “post-your-best-PFTO.” Only the first entry per person will be considered. We will also select the 50 people who refer the most people to our Discord. You can learn how to invite people on the dedicated “how-to-invite” channel and view the real time leaderboard on Discord!  Make sure to stay up to date with our Twitter and Instagram as we will be giving away more spots there!
The minting cost for a piece of our art is .111 ETH.
It’s simple! Please watch the video on our education page!
The total supply is 4900. We are releasing 4850 PFTOS in this drop. An additional 50 will be held by the team for marketing and giveaways.
The decision to invest in our project is up to you. We believe strongly in the future of our project and will continue to work tirelessly on delivering unique and engaging utilities both digitally and in real life.
Yes, secondary market sales are subject to a 5% royalty.
Glad you asked! As outlined in LINK TO MEMBER BENEFITS you are receiving a lot including voting rights and other benefits not yet announced.
Please use our Discord to input your address privately. We will send the high resolution PFTOs out immediately!
Please head to connect your wallet, search for the PFTO Labs page, and join us!
Yes, you own the PFTO and full commercial use rights.