• Each holder of the NFT is a member with full commercial use rights. You own the picture and can do with it as you please!
  • Members will gain access to our private Discord. This will be a great place for the community to engage with fellow NFT, photography, nature, and travel lovers. If you have any needs, desires, or wants for future drops or fun places to visit, this is your chance to tell us!
  • Each PFTO held has charitable voting rights. One PFTO = one vote. Every quarter 10% of the profits will be donated to a charity voted on by members. We will select up to 5 charities each quarter we believe could really use our help, then let you decide!
  • Members who purchase an NFT via the drop will have the option to receive a physical copy of the high-resolution print which can be sent to any address you provide at no charge. If you are fortunate enough to mint a panoramic photo, we will send it framed!

  • Each member will be entered into our monthly giveaways. These will range from PFTO swag to cash drawings, and vacations. Be sure to stay up to date with our social media so you know what is at stake every month! Follow us @PFTOLABS on Twitter and @PFTO_LABS on Instagram.
  • We will conduct PFTO Adventures with our community around the world (yes, you will be able to bring one guest). These vacations will be to highly desirable, photogenic locations. Think the Fjords of Norway, Iceland, Galapagos Islands and similar locales where we will have nothing but fun and adventure. Like our charity voting, we will let the community decide our destination from a select group of locations! One PFTO = one vote.
  • Prior to each adventure we go on, we will host a live stream where we will randomly select a PFTO holder to have an all expenses paid experience for them and a guest (Cash value of this prize will be announced prior to each trip). We want to reward our holders in perpetuity.